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The Poop on MiraLAX Feb 02, 2013

Is MiraLAX the New Vioxx?  That’s the provocative title of an article by Konstantin Monastyrsky, the author of Fiber Menace.

As of March 2012, the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System showed 2,257 “adverse events” ranging from forgetfulness to death caused by...

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Soy for Valentine’s Day? Better Bypass this Idea Jan 31, 2013

The Soyfoods Association of North America came out with some memorable suggestions last year for Valentine’s Day.    In fact they were so heart-stoppingly memorable,  I cannot resist sharing them once again!

The Soyfoods Association of North America suggests we serve lots...

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Ashton Kutcher Experiences Pancreatic Pain Playing the Role of Steve Jobs Jan 27, 2013

Over the past past year I’ve attracted a lot of vegan rage about the blogs I’ve written on how a high fructose diet may have contributed to the pancreatic cancer that killed Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Today’s news provides some evidence that I might have been “right...

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Ice Cream/Vice Cream Jan 20, 2013

Do you prefer your ice cream, hard or soft?    Hard ice cream can be good for health and libido, if and only if, formulated with cream, sugar, nuts, fruits or other real food ingredients.   Enjoyed as a special treat,of course,  meaning occasionally.   As for...

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VeganThink: Dr. John McDougall Explains the Death of Steve Jobs Jan 19, 2013

Steve Jobs lived more than 30 years after developing pancreatic cancer thanks to his vegan diet.

That’s the preposterous claim made by Dr. John McDougall in a lecture that has been viewed by more than 52,500 people on YouTube and widely...

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Drunk on Veganism Jan 19, 2013

A bar that serves only vegan drinks is doing a brisk business in a former coffin factory in Brooklyn.

It’s called the Pine Box Rock Shop, and it serves hardcore vegans who’d rather die than eat or drink animal products as well as throngs of food faddists who think veganism rocks.


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The Dark Side of Soy Dec 15, 2012

Need a short summary of my book The Whole Soy Story?  Need the main dangers spelled out?   I wrote this article for the British magazine Caduceus  and it answers the most frequently asked questions.   For a more thorough discussion and more complete references,...

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Is There “Hidden” Soy in Your Eggs and Meat? Oct 07, 2012

Since 2005, when The Whole Soy Story:The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food was published, many readers have shared stories of allergic reactions to eggs, dairy and meat from soy-fed animals.  Not a lot of science supports this just yet, but four studies indicate...

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EFSA Rejects Soy Health Claims for Bone Health and Menopause Sep 16, 2012

The  European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) last week rejected yet another soy health claim.

This time EFSA put the kibosh on claims that soy eases menopause and stops osteoporosis.   According to the online industry newsletter NutraIngredients, the European Natural Soyfoods...

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George Clooney Declines to be the Scent of Mr. Tofu Jul 19, 2012

everal years ago the LA Tofu Festival featured Mr. Tofu Finding his Perfect Match.   If PETA — the animal rights organization — known for bringing attention to its cause through blood and nudity, gets its way Mr. Tofu will soon have the smell, if not the looks of George Clooney....

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