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Coyote and the Soybeans Mar 04, 2013

This blog on how soybeans came to America is  inspired by one of my all-time favorite books Indian Trickster Tales by Richard Erdoes and Alphonse Ortiz.  The stories tell of the  trickster, Coyote, and how Coyote represents all things to native people: creator, bringer of...

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Knowing Beans about Edamame Mar 01, 2013

The Naughty Nutritionist® gets more questions about edamame than just about anything else.  Some of those questions are outright silly, proving that when it comes to edamame,  some people just don’t know beans.  Time to change that!

 What’s edamame?  


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There’s Soy in THAT? Products to Avoid if You Suffer from Soy Allergies Feb 20, 2013

Is there no end to the foods and other products that can get soy’led?   Probably not, and these days soy could be lurking anywhere and everywhere.   Although soy can seem like a “green alternative” to petroleum products, the soy-ling of America is bad news indeed for...

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Death and Other Known Risks from Colonoscopy Feb 17, 2013

I’m guest posting over at The Healthy Home Economist today, and I hope you’ll be frisky enough to follow me there.    Sarah Pope and I consider the topic of colon health to be very timely with National Colon Awareness Month coming up next month.    Given...

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Not Forking Around! Feb 15, 2013

Can the size of your fork affect the size of your bod?

Sounds preposterous, but researchers from the University of Utah claim size does matter, and we can eat less but enjoy it more if we switch to a bigger fork.

I am not making this up.  In brief, U of U marketing professors Arul and...

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The Naughtiest Bite: The Darwin Awards Feb 11, 2013

 of Charles Darwin’s birthday February 12,  I’d like to share an oldie but goodie from Wendy Northcutt of The Darwin Awards fame.   Northcutt believes in “commemorating those individuals who ensure the long-term survival of our species by removing themselves from...

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Lengthy Organs, Goat Spit and Nuclear Explosions: Dave Barry on Preparations for Colonoscopies Feb 11, 2013

Over the past few years Katie Couric, Dr. Oz and other celebrities have made it their mission to encourage millions of people to undergo colonoscopies.   Although the procedure is widely recommended as a safe and effective screening for colon cancer, the truth is not so simple.

Next week,...

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Wise Asses and Colonoscopies Feb 09, 2013

Colonoscopies are routine procedures these days, and Dr. Oz and Katie Couric even had theirs done for all to see on television.    Generally there’s nothing funny about them, but sometimes guys will be guys.   Humorist Dave Barry once came up with a list of 12 very funny...

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Snap, Crapple and Poop Feb 06, 2013

Did you know poultry poop doesn’t just make excellent fertilizer?    It can be cooked, dehydrated and sterilized into a valuable source of protein too.

As the work of researcher Nabil Said, PhD, Vice President of Nutrition and Extrusion  at Insta-Pro, has shown, it can be...

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Not “Heart Smart” to “Go Red” Feb 05, 2013

February is National Heart Month, and the American Heart Association (AHA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and assorted other mainstream and government organizations are in the news.    We’re being urged to “Go Red for Women,”  “Be Heart Smart”...

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